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Storm Damage Restoration FAQs

If you’ve been impacted by a storm—or if you’re concerned your home or office isn’t ready for the next big storm—call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone now. Storms can cause significant, lasting damage, and the best time to prepare is before it hits. Whether you’re preparing for the future or dealing with the aftermath, we can help. In the meantime, read on to learn more about common storm damage and what to do next.

What Should I Do After a Storm Comes Through?

After a storm comes through, be sure to act quickly. The first goal, after keeping your family safe, is to minimize damage. Servicemaster contractors are available for emergency support during any storm or weather incident—contact us to learn more.

During emergency inspections, our primary goal is to secure all doors and windows. We can also cover any openings, in many cases, to minimize the amount of water and debris getting into the home.
For homeowners, it’s also important to document the damage before any restoration work gets started. Take photos or videos of the property when it’s safe to do so so you have property documentation for insurance and contractors.

What Types of Damage Are Possible After a Storm?

Every storm is unique. Wind, rain, hail, and even lightning strikes can create significant damage to a property. Flooding is very common, especially if there is any type of roof damage. Water can enter into the basement, too, depending on the structure. This can create flooding risks for your family. Falling objects hitting the roof, such as tree branches, can create damage as well.

If I Don’t See Damage, Do I Need Storm Repair?

Sometimes damage to your home isn’t easy to see—at least not at first. However, structural changes can occur over time. For example, your property may have roof damage from hail that initially does not seem present. However, this can cause early deterioration of your roof. You may not notice damage to siding, windows, doors, or other structures right away. It’s best to let a professional check out your home whenever possible to minimize these risks.

What Can I Expect From the Storm Damage Restoration Process?

Every need is a different. Once our team arrives on-site, we’ll talk about the risks and the needs your property is facing. Our goal is to initially secure the property for you. Then, we’ll create a plan for restoration. We will then use equipment to remove any excess water and moisture from the structure. Damaged materials are always cleaned out and debris disposed of.

From here, most homes need odor removal and sanitization. We will then work to repair the damage present, such as flooring, drywall, and carpeting. We’ll work to ensure all damage is improved to make your home safe again.

If you have storm damage, allow our team to provide help. We offer emergency storm damage help to secure your property. Expect our licensed pros to offer the best solutions for your home.

Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone for more information on protecting your home or office from storms, or to schedule a free onsite assessment.

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