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Safe Storage For Your Contents During Your Restoration Process

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Disaster can strike fast. A freak tornado, a fire, or even a flood can leave you and your family reeling, and leave you wondering what to do next. Ensuring that everyone is safe and uninjured should always be the number one priority, but what about after the danger has passed? You may find yourself with the task of picking up the pieces – literally. If your home has sustained significant damage, always wait for the all clear from a professional, but we understand that you may be antsy to collect your belongings. When the damage to your home is severe, your important and sentimental items may be exposed to the elements. That’s where ServiceMaster by Cornerstone comes in. In case of a disaster, we’ll rush to make sure that everything you need is packed and moved to a safe place during the home restoration process. 

Protecting Belongings Before Disaster Strikes

The thought of losing crucial documents and keepsakes, such as birth certificates and jewelry, to a disaster can be incredibly stressful. Ensure that these valuables are always protected, and take some steps to keep them centralized and out of harm’s way before a disaster. Start taking inventory of your important belongings, such as:

  • Records and certificates (birth, death, marriage, etc.)
  • Financial records
  • Personal keepsakes, jewelry, and photos
  • Passport, social security card, and other identification

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it may help you start taking stock of what’s important in the case of an emergency. Once you have documents, records, and belongings taken account for, start taking steps to protect them.

Consider Taking Photographic Inventory: For future insurance purposes, it may be helpful to take photos of your valuables in the case of a loss. Store these photos somewhere secure, like a lockbox or fireproof safe.

Scan Important Records: Although having the physical copies is ideal, scanning and digitizing your important documents will ensure that they are all in one place. Keep the files on a flash drive and store it safely.

Move Valuables When Needed: If your important belongings are somewhere unsecured, or in the basement, consider moving them to avoid physical damage in the case of a flood or other home damage. 

Invest in a Fireproof Safe: They can be expensive, but fireproof safes are a great way to keep documents locked away and safe from destruction. 

Digitize Photos: Similarly to scanning your important records, digitizing your photographs is a great way to ensure that you will always have them, even if you have lost the physical copies. 

Create an Emergency Kit: A family emergency kit will include regular emergency supplies, such as first-aid and water, but could also include identification cards and documents.

Protecting Belongings After Disaster Strikes

Not everyone has the foresight to secure belongings before the disaster. They may prove too important to everyday use to lock up, or may not seem important enough at the time. Regardless, in the case of a fire, storm, or other disaster, your home may be exposed. When you call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone in the wake of a disaster, emergency storage and pack out is one of our primary services. Our expert restoration services will work hard on restoring your home, and you can relax knowing that your belongings are safe. Removing the remainder of your belongings from your home not only protects them, but streamlines the ServiceMaster process as well. In the wake of home damage? Give ServiceMaster by Cornerstone a call 24/7 to get your belongings to a safe place as soon as possible. 

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