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Roof Damage in the Winter Months

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Now that we have had our first snow of the season, the inevitability of winter weather damage is sure to be on the minds of homeowners. Snow and ice are not just an annoyance in your driveway or on your car, but they can build up on roofs in the form of ice dams. Icicles hanging from the edge of your home may look pretty but can be dangerous to you and your home. These ice dams can cause pressure to build up on your roof and seep water in through your shingles, causing both roof and water damage to your home. Roof damage and leaky ceilings of any kind can be a pain in your side and may even go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Take the time to learn about ice dams, how they form, the damage they cause, how to prevent them, and how to solve a critical problem. 

What is an Ice Dam? 

Ice dams typically occur in the days following severe winter weather, freezing temperatures and snowstorms. While ice and snow that accumulate near the middle of roofs melt from the heat of homes, the edges do not have enough heat to readily melt them and the water freezes over again, forming an ice dam. The ice at the edge traps melted snow and ice from the middle of your roof, building it up and leaving it nowhere to go except into your home.  

Damage and Prevention 

These unwanted ice dams can cause a variety of damage to your home depending on the severity of the situation. Mild ones may resolve on their own with warmer weather, but larger buildups can put pressure on your roof, damage shingles, and even tear off gutters entirely. The backed-up water may leak into your home, causing damage to paint on the inside and outside, warped flooring, and water-stained ceilings. Additionally, water could pool in your insulation, causing mold and mildew to build up. Ultimately, the best course of action is to remove and maintain the problem before it does permanent roofing damage.  

Prior to and throughout winter, ensure that your attic or the top room of your home is dehumidified, insulated, and cracks are sealed. Keep an eye on your gutters and regularly clean them, being aware of ice dams will prevent the problem from getting severe.  

Are you already facing the effects of harmful ice dams? It is not a one-man job; ServiceMaster by Cornerstone can help! We specialize in multiple areas such as mold removal and water damage restoration and can advise you on how to keep ice dams off your roof, keeping your home and your family safe from the fallout. Leave damage restoration to the experts, and let your family enjoy the winter months in safety and comfort.  

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