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Headquartered in Memphis, TN, ServiceMaster By Cornerstone is your trusted fire damage restoration experts to get your life back on track.

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Fire Damage Isn’t Limited To The Structure Itself.

Disasters cause emotional distress, making it difficult to focus on what truly matters during a crisis. ServiceMaster by Cornerstone wants to alleviate stress by guiding you through the fire damage restoration process, whether commercial or residential damage has occurred. From working one-on-one with your insurer, supplying temporary storage, and removal and cleanup of smoke damage, soot damage and debris, our certified fire damage repair technicians are able to restore even the most delicate belongings
House fire

Fire Damage Restoration Services



We offer 24 hours, 7 days a week assistance to consult, assess fire damage, and help you find temporary shelter– even in the middle of the night. We also do everything necessary to preserve the contents of your home or business and to keep you operational with temporary board-up, emergency water removal/extraction, and temporary power and heating.


Experienced in roof repairs and stabilizing structures after disaster strikes, we ensure your business or home is completely protected from the elements and any further damage by tarping and boarding up exposed areas.


We provide temporary storage to protect belongings after a fire so they remain dry and safe while a residence or business is being rebuilt.


We restore clothing, bedding, window treatments and drapes, upholstery, accessories and other textiles to their original condition safely and effectively.


Following a fire, we sanitize and deodorize areas and items affected by soot and smoke (such as walls, carpets, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, furniture and other contents in your home or business) We provide professional carpet cleaning services, aiming to refresh and recover your space and remove offensive odors and stains.

Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

Should I Board Up My Home After the Fire Department Leaves?
Follow your fire department’s instructions. In most cases, it is best to board up the property to minimize risks and liability threats. If you haven’t started—or, simply, need some support in the process—our team can help. Boarding up windows and doors isn’t always a simple job and, in most cases, isn’t something you should go alone. Our board-up crews will ensure your home is secure once the fire department clears the property.
I Had a Small Fire. Do I Really Need Professional Restoration Services?
Some property owners attempt to handle the cleanup on their own. The problem is, fires are more than just removing some basic materials. However, most fires have soot and smoke damage that requires a lot more work.

Smoke can quickly spread through your entire home, even if the fire is localized. Research indicates that this smoke can enter into your ceiling, light fixtures, windows, and even the cabinets holding your dinner dishes within just a few seconds. More so, that soot build-up and will coat just about any surface.

When just a few minutes expire, the smoke has penetrated your property’s electrical system, appliances, wall cavities, and the HVAC system. It gets into the floors and can be absorbed into any type of soft goods such as your home’s carpeting, furniture, and your clothing.

Because of the extensiveness of smoke damage, it’s critical to have professional fire restoration even in these small events. It’s always best to have this properly removed.

Is Self-Cleaning Good Enough After a Fire?

Don’t start cleaning up the fire or damage until you speak to a professional. Even doing some of the work yourself is going to limit your success and add to your costs. It’s important for a professional to retest residues and use appropriate cleaning methods and products to achieve a truly clean surface. It’s also necessary to use professional-grade deodorizing agents and cleaning solutions at the right ratios to ensure the best results.

We also use high-grade equipment that’s designed to remove smoke, sooth, and damage from your furnishings. While you may be tempted to “clean up” on your own after a fire, it’s rarely a good step to take for your own long-term benefit.

How Long Does Professional Fire Restoration Take?
This depends on the extensiveness of your project. It may take two weeks or several months, depending on the situation. We can help develop a timeline based on your unique needs.
What Do We Do About All of the Water in the House After a Fire?
Even small fires require A LOT of water to extinguish them. The more that’s used, the more water damage is present. If you have standing water or water that’s saturated into your furnishings, allow our team to properly clean it. We have tools to remove the water and moisture and to provide structural drying for surfaces. It’s critical to be aggressive with removing water to prevent mold buildup and water damage.
Can I Live in My Home While Fire Restoration is Happening?

This question is best left to an individual consultation since there are various factors to consider. The amount of damage and the expansiveness of the cleanup effort are the most important factors. Your home insurance company should pay for your accommodations during a covered fire cleanup. If it is covered, take your family to stay there and enjoy the cleanliness while the pros get to work.

If your kitchen or the main living area is impacted by the fire, it’s best not to stay in the home. If it is just the third floor and a minor event, it should be okay to remain there as long as you can avoid those areas and it is structurally sound.

Remember, it’s not easy living in a home that’s been professionally restored. There are chemical applications being used to treat surfaces. You’ll have numerous people in and out. There’s likely to be noisy equipment running, too. It may not be worthwhile to remain in your home.

Will a Fire Restoration Team Handle Repairs to the Structure or Do I Need a General Contractor?
It’s always best to work with a company that will do all of the work for you. We have a licensed professional handle any type of restoration and rebuilding work that needs done. This includes tackling things like replacing drywall and painting. It includes HVAC work, plumbing work, flooring, kitchen remodels, and electrical work. A customized treatment plan is created for you. We’ll work with you to handle the tasks you need.
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