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Professional Restoration After a Home Fire

Unfortunately, disasters happen. Fires can break out in your home for a myriad of reasons and it is difficult to know what to do when it happens. Not only is there a property loss, but it can be an overwhelming process. ServiceMaster by Cornerstone can help. Here are some things we can do to help you through this process: 

  • ServiceMaster by Cornerstone will work with your insurance company 
  • Emergency boarding up your home and tarping the roof 
  • Emergency removal and storage of belongings  
  • Cleaning your home and belongings of soot, fire, and smoke damage 
  • Odor removal of your home and belongings 

Covering the Damage 

For liability reasons, it is important to have ServiceMaster by Cornerstone send out their professional staff to board up and tarp any areas of your home that have been exposed to the elements due to the fire. Their experts have years of experience in this practice and this can help you to avoid injury by doing it by yourself.  

Removing your Belongings 

Service Master by Cornerstone sends in their restoration professionals to safely remove your belongings from the dwelling. These are professionals who retrieve your most beloved possessions safely and move it to the ServiceMaster by Cornerstone facility to be cleaned and stored while you have your home’s structure repaired. 

Cleaning Your Belongings 

ServiceMaster by Cornerstone has state-of -the-art cleaning to restore and deodorize your favorite belongings such as photos, books, clothing and irreplaceable items from ancestors. ServiceMaster by Cornerstone has a specialized industrial washing machine called an Esporta washing machine that places your items in individual compartments and allows them to be cleaned to food-grade or better than food-grade clean.  

Cleaning Your Home 

A house fire leads to contaminants like smoke, soot and mold that can penetrate your HVAC system. It is important to have ServiceMaster by Cornerstone remove this professionally so you, your family and pets do not breathe in any contaminants and make everyone sick.  

Storage for Your Belongings 

ServiceMaster by Cornerstone has climate-controlled storage areas where they give your belongings a number, cross reference that number to a storage vault, and place them for safe keeping until you are ready to place them back in your home. 

ServiceMaster by Cornerstone is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to help with your fire restoration. They consult and access fire damage and can even help you find temporary shelter. ServiceMaster by Cornerstone will even work one-on-one with your insurance company to help during this time. Disasters are never planned but when they happen, ServiceMaster by Cornerstone has you covered.  

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