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Mold Removal and Remediation

Most types of microbial growth, including mold, ca be an issue not only to your home but health issues for you and your family. That is why it is of the utmost importance to have your home inspected and treated by the certified experts at ServiceMaster by Cornerstone if you suspect any microbial growth in your home. 

What is mold? 

Mold is a fungus that feeds off moisture and is produced by spores that are airborne. We encounter types of microbial growth every day and normally they travel by these spores in the air in small amounts and causes no harm. When these spores land on land on moisture, they reproduce rapidly and that is when the problem begins. You, your family, and pets can breathe in these spores and potentially become a respiratory problem.  It is also unsightly in your home. 

Signs of Mold in Your Home 

  • The grout between shower tiles is dark 
  •  A musty smell coming from your HVAC system  
  •  Peeling wallpaper can be a sign of moisture that breeds potential mold growth  
  •  Dark spots on walls or ceilings 
  •  Condensation on windows or in the bathroom 
  • Water damage from a flood in the home 
  • Rust is an indicator of moisture so where there is rust it is important to look for unusual microbial growth 

It is important to look for initial signs of microbial growth to avoid damage to your home’s foundation, drywall, gutters, roofing, home furnishings, and most importantly your home’s HVAC system.  

Various types of microbial growth can develop anywhere that maintains an environment of high humidity such as a bathroom, anywhere that has experienced a water leak or a broken pipe, or any place in your home that stays wet on a consistent basis. If we feel mold may be present in your home, we order an independent third-party mold test by an approved mold assessor.  Once the existence is confirmed we can start the process to free your home and contents of potential mold. 

Physical Symptoms of Mold May Be Your Home

  • Skin rashes that will not go away 
  •  Wheezing 
  •  Sore Throat  
  •  Excessive dry coughing  
  •  Sinus issues 
  •  Wheezing 
  •  Watery eyes 
  • Excessive fatigue 
  • Worsening asthma symptoms 
  • Itchy Skin 

It is important to seek the advice of a physician if you or your family and pets are experiencing these symptoms and have any of the above signs of microbial growth in your home.  

What to Do If You Have Mold in Your Home 

Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone to set up a mold inspection through their network of approved, independent mold assessors. Then the level of mold spores that are in your home can be determined and to what extent mold remediation services ServiceMaster by Cornerstone will need to perform.  

Call ServiceMaster by Cornerstone at (901) 624-9200 for all your remediation needs and to keep your home and family safe.  

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